Zoom Meeting Invitation URL Links should never, under any circumstance, be posted/shared on any type of social media.  Zoom Meeting Invitation URL Links should be kept private and not posted/shared publicly in any manner.    

This article is for Instructors who may have need to conduct a class through Zoom.

1.  Login to Zoom through a web browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox by navigating to park.zoom.us

    There will be a sign in button at the bottom, Click the Blue Sign in option.

Once logged in, it should default you to your profile page.   On this page, You'll want to make a change to the PERSONAL MEETING ID section.  Click on the Blue EDIT button.

If not already checked, please ensure the box USE PERSONAL MEETING ID FOR INSTANT MEETINGS is selected. This is important as this ID number will remain unchanged. That way, students will have only one ID they need to use to connect to class and this prevents it from creating random new ID's and meetings.

Once the changes have been saved, You can copy the link that will appear under your Meeting ID.  It will look something like this.     https:// park .zoom.us/j/ 123456789

THIS IS YOUR PERMANENT MEETING ID.  This is the link that you will give/send to your students in order for them to be able to access the class through zoom.  You can also post this link in canvas so your students will have centralized access to the meeting ID.


At the top right of that same zoom browser page, there's an option for hosting meetings.  To initiate one, click on HOST A MEETING then click on the Video On option to launch a zoom window.

You'll have a popup window that will ask to Open the zoom meeting.  Click the option Open Zoom Meetings and your desktop zoom program will launch a Meeting window.  If you do not have zoom downloaded onto your machine when this popup occurs, it will prompt a download for zoom prior to launching the meeting window. 

Click Join with Audio.  This is now an active meeting window. 

Zoom Controls:

Microphone / Camera Buttons: Click to toggle your microphone on and off (can mute yourself this way) or to turn off your camera feed.

Invite:  Allows you to invite others to your Zoom meeting.

Manage Participants:  Opens a list of all participants in the meeting and basic mute/unmute controls for participants.

Share Screen: Allows you to share your desktop, or a windowed application on the screen for others to view. Can use this to show canvas, YouTube videos, websites, word docs, PowerPoints, etc. 

To initiate screen share Click on the green SHARE SCREEN button


A window will pop up with available options and windows you can share.  You can choose your general desktop (allows view of everything) or a specific/particular window (such as just a browser for YouTube or the program window for Word, PowerPoint, etc.)  Click your mouse on the window you want to share. 

If you plan on sharing something that may have audio, like a video clip, movie, or website. be sure to check the little checkbox in the bottom left hand corner of the share window, BEFORE hitting the blue share button on the right.  This will ensure that audio passes through the window you're sharing.   When you've made your selections, hit SHARE.  Your content will now be displayed and full screen by default to participants screens.

Chat: Allows you to chat with the group as a whole to everyone, or privately to an individual participant.

Record: Allows you to record the session and keep video footage.  

When choosing to record, click the RECORD button, then choose the option for RECORD TO THE CLOUD.  This is a very important step as it saves the recording to Zooms cloud as opposed to somewhere on the machine being used.  

End Meeting:  Allows you to terminate the meeting session.

To completely terminate a session with no leftover participants, Click on the red END MEETING button at the far right end of the bar.

You will then be prompted to choose how you will end the meeting.  If you click "leave meeting" this will only remove yourself from the meeting, leaving it active with all renaming participants.

To ensure the meeting is ended, click on END MEETING FOR ALL. which will close out your personal meeting ID and kick all active participants back to their desktop.

You've successfully hosted a Zoom meeting!