Instructors teaching Parkville Daytime courses contact Barnes & Noble for desk copy questions at:

Instructors teaching Online, Campus Center, Graduate, KC Accelerated (evening/weekend) courses, follow instructions below to submit a request to the publisher. The desk copy request system will be available for instructors teaching online courses starting 5 weeks out from term, and at 8 weeks out for everyone else.

Park University does not keep or manage desk copies. Contact the publisher directly:

  • if you are unable to submit a request using the instructions below
  • if you are checking on a previously submitted request
  • If you have questions about textbooks or items for future course development
  • if you are inquiring about a new edition or book
  • if you have previously used the system to request the same copy and need a replacement 

Access the Desk Copy Request System

  1. Login to MyPark and Click on the Faculty tab
  2. Click on the “Park Distance Learning – All Faculty System Access” link
  3. Click the “PDL Faculty General Access” , then “Enter PDL Area” button
  4. If asked - Log in using faculty ID and password
  5. Choose “Desk Copy Request”, then click “Choose
  6. Click on a course to select it for a desk copy request
  7. Click on the title(s) available, and the rest of the information will auto-populate. 
    1. If there are no titles listed we are unable to process the request through this system, please contact the publisher directly by going to their website. If you need additional contact information email
  8. Either select the default address, or write-in an address for shipping 
  9. Click the “Submit Desk Copy Request” button at the bottom of the page. You should receive an email when the desk copy request has been sent.