Q Do I need to record attendance/activity each week and/or each meeting time for the first 2 weeks?
        A Once a student has been moved to Yes/Blue, either manually or by the system, that’s all!

Q  Why did my student not move to Yes/Blue when they submitted a discussion question/assignment in Canvas?

        The system will only move a student if submissions are worth points. A good rule to follow is if the item appears in the                  grade book the submission will be counted.  Please note, the student must submit via Canvas for the system to update.   

Q  My student submitted their paper to me in class and I entered the grade in Canvas, will the AAT recognize this as academic activity?

          No, students have to submit gradable work into Canvas in order for the AAT to record activity. For this example you would             need to manually move the student in the AAT to Yes/Blue

When does the system move the student to Yes/Blue

        A The system updates overnight, therefore if a student submits something via Canvas worth points the system will move               them to Yes/Blue overnight.  It is not in real-time

Q  Will this replace the Attendance System in MyPark?

        A  Yes. Effective Spring II 2020 the AAT replaced the previous attendance system

What is considered Academic Activity?

       A   Academic Activity includes any of the following:

  • Class attendance (including Pirate Patch courses)
  • Submission of a course assignment or exam
  • Engaging in computer-assisted instruction or an interactive tutorial (including the use of third party software required                     for a course)*
  • Participation in an online class discussion concerning course content (the discussion must be academically related                      and worth points)
  • Participation in required study group or group project
  • Correspondence between the student and instructor concerning academic matters pertaining to the course 

Q   What if I have a question about what constitutes as Academic Activity?

      A  Please email academiccompliance@park.edu 

Q  Does my course need to be published in Canvas for the AAT to work automatically?

      A  Yes, for the AAT to record automatically your course will need to be published

  Can I use the AAT in the Canvas Teacher mobile app for iOS and Android devices?

       A  Yes

Q   I have sections that are merged in Canvas, but the AAT roster only shows students in the primary section. How do I record academic activity for the students in all of the merged sections?

      A  For crosslisted or Pirate Patch courses that are merged in Canvas, the Canvas Administrator, Jared Flaherty, will                  need to link the sections behind the scenes. If the courses are linked, the full roster of combined sections are                       visible within the AAT.


Q  If sections are merged/xlisted in Canvas but are not linked, will the AAT roster only display students in the primary section?

      A  Yes.   To see the full roster of combined sections, you can ask the Canvas Administrator to link the sections or you               can use the external link (https://app.park.edu/AAT/User/Login). Otherwise, students in the “secondary”                             section(s)  will be reported as not having participated.


What if a student gets dropped/withdrawn from my course and then gets re-enrolled?

      A   If academic activity has not been recorded for that student, you may need to toggle the student’s status to 

           Yes/Blue if the student participated in academic activity. (In some cases, the system does not recognize that the                  student submitted work prior to the course being dropped.)


Q   If I assign students to a group in Canvas will all students in that group get marked as Yes/Blue when something is submitted? 

    A  Yes

Q   Do I have to grade an assignment for the activity to be recorded?

      A    No – Grading and tracking of participation are separate.

Q    Does the AAT evaluate the quality of the assignment?

       A  No, it merely identifies that the student has submitted an assignment within Canvas.

Q    Does the gradebook still work the same?

       A   Yes the gradebook is completely separate from the AAT

Q    If a student misses the first class period, do I mark him/her as not having participated? 

        A  We recommend that you not change the student’s status unless or until the student has participated or attended                     class.  If you toggle the student to “no”, you will need to manually toggle the student to “yes” if s/he attends or                        participates later in the week (or within the first two weeks).

Q     Do I need to update the AAT statuses after Week 2?

        A    No

Q     Is the AAT simply a yes/no?

        A   Yes! 

Q    When I click on the AAT tab, I get a request to log in with my username and password. 

        A  If this happens from within your Canvas section, please close out of your browser entirely. Reopen the browser, log back in to the course, and click on the AAT tab. You should be able to see the roster then. If that does not work, please contact registrar@park.edu.

Q    If I see students on my roster who should not be there, what should I do?

        A   Please contact registrar@park.edu