The Academic Activity Tracker (AAT) is the tool Park University utilizes to record student academic activity as related to federal financial aid compliance.    Park University is required by law to provide this data for federal financial aid compliance.



There are two ways to access the Academic Activity Tracker 


Using Canvas to Report Academic Activity

  1. Navigate to the course for which you need to report academic activity
  2. From the menu, select the "Academic Activity Tracker" tab*
  3. The AAT will not produce a roster until the 1st day of a term/session/semester.

You will see a list of all of the students who are registered in that section. 

  • To record academic activity for a student, click the toggle button
  • The color will change from gray to blue
  • Blue indicates that academic activity has been recorded
  • Submission of coursework online through Canvas will automatically set the status to Yes/Blue.**
  • The automatic process happens overnight, so if a student submits on Tuesday morning the toggle will not move to Blue until Wednesday morning. 
  • If an instructor moves a Yes/Blue back to No/Gray then the system will no longer automatically update, therefore the instructor will need to manually move the student to Yes/Blue once Academic Activity has been completed. 
  • Changed By column indicates who updated the record last.
  • You can find the student's ID number by hovering over the student's name. 

**participation within third party software is not automated and will need to be tracked in the AAT by the professor. This will no longer be reviewed by the Online Operations Department.   Examples of this are Pearson MyLabs, WileyPlus, etc.





Enroll in Academic Activity Bridge Training Course 

Please note that you need to be logged into Bridge prior to clicking on the link

Academic Activity FAQ