The LDA Attendance Report is an application mainly used by the Registrar Office to generate student's last day of activity report.

  • Installation

Log in to the user's machine and run the installation file located at the remote server.

Remote location: \\app-script01\LDA_Report\setup.exe

It should install and attach it to the Start Menu on Windows.

  • Grant Permission

Add ParkID to the "lda_Attendance_access" group in Active Directory.

In order to be able to use the application, the staff member must be associated with the "lda_attendance_access" group in Active Directory. Otherwise, he/she will not be able to login to the application.

ps.: Staff members currently on the pdl_admin group in AD also have access to the application and there is no need to add them to the lda_attendance_access group.

Login and password information are the same as what they use to log into MyPark.