This is an overview of the process for hiring Adjunct faculty. Questions can be sent to

New-hire Adjuncts will be processed through Newton where application materials will be collected (this includes only applicants who have not previously submitted an application packet before). Staff and Departments involved in hiring for a position, either by interviewing, reviewing, and/or making an approval decision, will be assigned as a “Hiring Manager” to the position in Newton to be able to view applicant’s paperwork.

To hire a Qulified Candidate outside of a posted position, email and we will create a private position for that applicant, collect all required paperwork, seek department approval, and upload to CX.

Current/Former Park Adjunct Faculty who wish to seek additional course approvals will be processed and reviewed by Departments outside of Newton, via email. The Adjunct's documents will be reviewed in eProcess. (This includes anyone who has previously submitted an application packet, whether they were approved or not) Email course justification(s) and an updated resume to

New Hire Adjuncts (Current Adjunct process is explained in a separate section below)  

Recruit for a New Adjunct

  1. Email the following information:
  • Course Number(s)
  • Name of the person at the Campus Center or in the Department who will be reviewing/approving applicants
  • Date/Term to fill by
  • Special requirements for your campus site (background check, clearance needed to get on base, etc.)
  • Special requirements for your position (outside of the course’s minimum requirements which we will automatically post)  
  • We will automatically close positions after 1 applicant has been approved. Let us know if you will need more than 1 instructor approved. 


     2. The position will be created in Newton, posted to Park's Adjunct Hiring page, and external hiring sites as needed.


Only adjunct positions we are actively seeking to fill will be posted. Positions are listed by Campus and Location, with specific course(s) as needed. Interested applicants will click on a specific course/position to see department specified minimum qualifications, modality requirements, a course description, and additional information about programs if applicable. (We will check with the Program Coordinator that the current minimum qualifications are up to date prior to posting positions.)


To apply applicants must upload a resume and fill out personal information to submit their request. This will automatically come into Newton to be processed for follow-up by the Adjunct Hiring team. Once all paperwork is received, we will notify the necessary parties for review as indicated in the next steps.



Reviewing the Applicant


      3. Adjunct Hiring team initially reviews incoming applicants


If minimum requirements are not met the applicant is inactivated in Newton and notified.


If minimum requirements are met we will collect any additional required paperwork and then forward for review.

4. The Campus Center is notified via email that will include a link to qualified applicants in Newton that are ready for review. This step does not apply to Online or Parkville positions.


Do not request to process further until these steps have been done:

  • Face-to-face or phone interview
  • Discuss schedule for course(s)
  • Access to get on base is cleared


If you have not previously logged in to Newton or have forgotten your password, email and we will send you login information.


5. The Department is notified via email when applicants are ready for review. The Faculty Course Credential Review (FCCR) form and a link to the applicant in Newton will be sent. 


If you have not previously logged in to Newton or have forgotten your password, email and we will send you login information.



Approval Decision


    6. If the Department returns a decision to disapprove applicant:


  • Adjunct Hiring team will inactivate the applicant in Newton and notify them of the decision.

If the Department returns a decision to approve the applicant, the Adjunct Hiring team will:


Create the faculty record in CX to generate an ID #

• Upload paperwork to eProcess

 Notify the applicant of approval (we will copy the Campus Center). We will note that approval is not indication of being scheduled, and the CCD or department will be in touch for future scheduling. The Campus Center will need to let know when to schedule for PDL750.


        7. Positions are closed when the number of approved instructors needed have been filled.

Post-Hire Paperwork

 8. We will reach out to new applicants to complete an I-9 form and additional post hire paperwork in Paycor after they are scheduled to teach their first course and a contract has been initiated.

Current Adjuncts 

  1. Adjuncts who currently teach, or who have previously taught/been approved, can seek approval for additional courses by emailing

  2. Adjunct Hiring team will confirm all necessary paperwork is on file. If it is not we will follow up with the Adjunct to obtain it.

  3. We will email the following for departmental review:
    1. An updated resume, if the one on file is older than two years
    2. Course Justification(s) (UNDG only)
    3. FCCR form

  4. Department can review additional paperwork in eProcess. If you are having trouble viewing documents in eProcess, email and provide the ID# of the Adjunct and the document type you are looking for.

  5. Department returns FCCR form to with approval/disapproval decision.

  6. Faculty Hiring team will update CX with the instructor's course approvals/disapprovals.