This procedure explains how to enter new document(s) to a faculty record in eProcess. This will allow the instructor to be evaluated and is not done until the instructor file is complete and a Park ID is created.


See Create A New Faculty Record, for details on how to enter a new faculty record in CX and create a Park ID. Questions can be directed to, the owner of this specific work instruction.


  1. Application Form: A signature is required.  If it is missing ask applicant to resend; electronic signatures are acceptable; make sure SSN# is included. This is to avoid duplicate records.

Note: Some official transcripts include SSN# on them.  An option is to check these transcripts before emailing the applicant for their SSN#.

  1. Cover Letter, Resume and/or CV: Combine Cover letter if received and resume and/or CV. A cover letter is not required.   If the department desires one they will let you know to contact the applicant. 


  1. Course Justification Forms: Combine numerically and departmentally course justifications and supporting documents.
    1. If they do meet the minimum requirements for some but not all, process only those courses they meet the minimum requirements for. 


  1. Official Transcripts: Degree: Check that their degree meets the minimum requirement posted for the course(s) they are applying
    1. Electronic transcript: if the document is not protected, highlight the degree conferred only. (Adobe has this option)
    2. Hard copy transcript: Bracket around the degree
    3. If degree is not on transcript write “No Degree Conferred”.           


  1. Letter of Recommendation: Minimum of 2 letters.


  1. Instructor Agreement form:  applicants leave the Park University Representative field blank. Electronic signature is acceptable.     


  1. Privacy Act: Electronic signature and date is acceptable.