NOTE: This is for Course Developers ONLY. You cannot enter the site if you are not a course developer.

FAQ for Canvas Maintenance

Q: Where is my Canvas Maintenance shell located? 

As the course developer of record, you should receive a Canvas course invitation each academic year starting in March. The Canvas shell should populate to your Canvas dashboard. 

Side note, it may be necessary to navigate to your Canvas course list found on the global navigation menu under your picture. Once your course list populates, find the Maintenance AY you are looking for and click the star next to it so it becomes orange. Refresh your Canvas dashboard and it will be there. 

Q: What if I have courses that sit with different instructional designers? 

It is possible that you have two maintenance Canvas shells if you are the developer of record for multiple courses. Please be mindful when submitting maintenance that you are submitting the correct courses for the correct instructional designer. A list of instructional designers and course allocations can be found at the Digital Learning MyPark page or in Canvas at the FCI Faculty Hub. 

Q: There is a new term, do I get a new shell for each term of the academic year?

No, the maintenance shell is good for an entire academic year and contains modules for each of the five terms- F1, F2, S1, S2, and U1.

Q: Who is my instructional designer?

Each instructional designer is assigned a set number of courses in a given school. The list of instructional designers and their course allocations can be found on the Digital Learning MyPark page or in the Help section of the Maintenance Module. 

Q: When can I submit maintenance? 

You can submit maintenance anytime. On the homepage of the Canvas Maintenance module as well as on the PDL calendar, there are open and close dates for each term. Maintenance is open all year long but has dates that are specific for each term.   For example, Fall 1 2020 opens on March 30th and closes on June 7th but Fall 2 2020 opens on June 8th and closes on August 9th

Q: Why is there a time gap between the close date for maintenance and the duplication date for a term? 

The time gap exists to give the assigned instructional designer time to complete the maintenance submitted. Master courses have to be updated prior to the duplication date each term. Each term a cdev is given roughly two months to submit maintenance for a course. The open and close dates can be found on the homepage of the Canvas maintenance shell as well as on the Digital Learning MyPark page. 

Q: If I resubmit a file, will I see my previous maintenance?

Within the given term, you can resubmit maintenance. Canvas defaults in such a way that you will not see what you previously submitted BUT it does not overwrite what you submitted if you resubmit again. Use the comments box to write a note to your instructional designer letting them know you are resubmitting. 

Q: I just made changes to my cdev, I’m done, right?

Making changes in your course developer shell does not constitute maintenance. That is one step in the process. You need to submit a list of those changes to the Canvas Maintenance shell so the master can be updated. 

Q: When will my maintenance be completed in the master? 

Maintenance is completed prior to duplication which is typically five weeks before the start of the term. You may notice your maintenance earlier but that is based on daily time constraints of your instructional designer. 

Q: What if I have a 3rd party vendor in my course, how does that get updated?

The Coordinator for Educational Technology Initiates (CETI) is our point of contact for third party vendor integration. You can contact the CETI at

If you are updating a MyLabs course, you will need to make the updates within your personal MyLabs master and then send the new MML number to the CETI so it can updated in the Park Master MyLabs course. 

If it is another third party vendor, please make sure you work with your instructional designer and our Coordinator of Educational Technology Initiatives to get the third party vendor information updated. 

Q: What if I make changes in my live shell, can I just copy that over to my cdev? 

Yes, each term you may be an instructor of record for the course you also hold the role of course developer. Throughout the term, you may make changes to your live section of the course which will need to be reflected in the master for the next term. To do that you will follow the steps below:

  1. Open your course developer shell (the Canvas Global Navigation Menu will be black).
  2. Go to Settings at the bottom of the Global Navigation menu.
  3. Click on reset shell which is a button the right hand side menu. 
  4. You will receive a warning message, click the red reset button.
  5. Click the Import Course Content button on the same right hand side menu. 
  6. Choose the correct course by course ID number and academic term. 
  7. Choose all content.
  8. Shift the dates so they remain the template dates. See image below.
  9. The first beginning date box would be the Unit 1 due date from the course you are importing and the ending date for the first box is the Unit 8 due date from the course you are importing.