Employees who are or were a Student or Adjunct Instructor before being hired Full Time will already have an Academic Email address.  If you have never been a Park Student or Adjunct Instructor, then you will only have the Employee Email address.

What's The Difference?

Academic Email is the Google Gmail type and is automatically given to every Student and Faculty.  Academic Email is where you collaborate and communicate with Students and Instructors for the purpose of classroom work.

Employee or Staff Email is the Outlook type of email (Exchange) that is accessed thru Outlook or the Outlook Web App.  Park University chose the Exchange Email for employees due to the extensive calendar and sharing functions not found in the Academic Email.

I Have Two Park Email Addresses - Why?

Park University chose the separate email systems so as to give Employees the ability to keep their Academic and Employee accounts separated.

Do I Have To Keep The Addresses Separate?

You can forward your Academic Email to your Employee Email if you prefer to have a "one-stop-shop" for all your Park University Communications.  Click here to set it up in just a few steps.

I Only Have The Employee Address - Why?

It is because you have not been a Student or Instructor at Park University before.  If you become a Student or Instructor you will get an Academic Email account; feel free to talk to your Supervisor about many of Park University's continuing education benefits as an employee.