Your Windows desktop is set up to automatically sync your My Documents folder so it is backed up to the servers.  You can also save files to any shared drive you have access to.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Place To Save A File

Saving files to your desktop or folder that is not automatically synced is not recommended, but you can certainly do so.  Just remember that any files saved on the desktop, Music, Picture folders will not be synced and backed up.  We recommend that for files not saved in My Documents to be backed up to a thumb drive, or to a Park-provided cloud resource such as Google Drive or One Drive.

Why Can't I Save Music Or Videos To My Documents?

Files that tend to be large are not allowed to be saved in the My Documents folder to speed up syncing and backing up of your other files.  We recommend saving any large files to your Park-provided cloud resources such as Google Drive or One Drive.