Your Employee password will work across many of the Park systems (Windows, Email, MyPark, Canvas, just to name a few).  By changing your Employee password, you are also changing it for those other areas too.  

Notes To Keep In Mind About Passwords:

  • There are a few other Park systems that do NOT use the same password and can be different; these include Jenzabar/CX, SalesForce, PowerFaids, as well as this Support Site.  We have provided instructions below on how to change the passwords for these exceptions below.
  • When changing your Employee password, it can take up to 30 minutes to copy across all the systems; be sure to keep this in mind in case you have something pertinent to attend to first - you can always change your password afterwards.

Changing Your Employee Password In Windows:

Once logged into your Windows computer or Citrix Desktop, press Alt + Cntrl + Del on your keyboard.  Choose the option to change your password.  Some Citrix Apps require you to use the little menu at the top of your screen to perform the Alt + Cntrl + Del function.

Changing Your Employee Password Using A Web Browser:

Open your web browser of choice and go to  This takes you to the Password Manager.  To log into the Password Manager, you will use your Park ID and current password like you would for MyPark.  Once logged in, you can change the password as well as set up your Security Questions in the event you forget your password.

If You Cannot Remember Your Employee Password:

Please call the Help Desk at ext 6768 and we can provide a new password for you.