Step 1: Go to : and sign in using your first name initial last name like below. 



Step 2: After signing in, you will be greeted with Citrix’s storefront or main menu showing your virtual apps and options to go see your virtual desktops.

In the top right, click your name and select Change Citrix Receiver




Step 3: You should be greeted with a webpage asking what you would like to do. Clicking “Detect Receiver” will check your computer for Citrix Receiver, if installed, it will open virtual objects using Citrix Receiver. If not installed, this will download the latest version for your system.


To use the “light Version” or web browser version, you just need to click in blue text underneath that says “Use Light Version”



Now your webpage will look the same as before but the functionality is different. When you click on a virtual app or desktop, this will open it in a new tab in your web browser and doesn’t use the Citrix Receiver software installed on the PC. This means you can log in from anywhere on any device as long as you know your log in and of course going to


Why do this? Well, in my experience, this is a lot more stable but there are some draw backs that should be noted. If you want to know why these draw backs exist, let me know.


Draw Backs: The main drawback is that you won’t be able to use dual screen monitors. Another drawback is that you cannot use audio as well and microphone, which it shouldn’t be used for that anyways. If you need to use Zoom, do it on your physical machine and not in the virtual. 


Also, CX 8.1 works but if you’re trying to save a file to your computer, it won’t let you since it can’t see your physical PC from the web browser.


Hope this helps!