Thin Clients currently control how Windows, within your virtual desktop, views your monitor setup. This means you are unable to change the monitor setup within Windows that most of you are familiar with.

Here is how you can change your monitor setup.

Note: There is a problem with interrupted shutdown (power outage) that can make your monitor setup switch.

Step 1: ThinOS Interface

ThinOS is the operating system running on your thin client. Looks like this at your login screen.

How can you tell the difference? Does it look like Windows you know and love (or hate)? If the answer is no, then your in ThinOS. You will be in Windows once you click on your virtual desktop like Win10RETR or Staff Temporary.

Step 2: Left click anywhere on the wallpaper in the background like the image above. This should give you a drop down menu.

Step 3: Move your mouse over to "System Setup" like the image below. Then click "Display".

Step 4: Click on the "Dual Head" tab at the top of the new opened window. Don't worry about General, we wont touch it in this article.

Step 5: Now we have a few options but we are going to focus on Main screen:

We should have Screen 1 and Screen 2. At the bottom of our window we have "Swap Dual Screen" check box. Click that and then hit "Test"

The screen will show some colored circles and display the resolution and hertz. Just left click anywhere and say Yes to the question prompt.

This should switch the monitor back to normal. If they are not in the proper spot, uncheck the swap Dual Screen option to switch it back. Clicking Test is basically "Apply".