In the box you should find the following in the picture:

1: Power Supply

1a: Power plug adapter

2: Thin Client

3: Mouse

4: Keyboard

5: Video Adapter (May be VGA or DVI depending on your request, thats why its marked twice)

Note: May contain speakers or headset if requested. AS well as a webcam could be in there.

Un-plugging your computer

Just as the title describes, we are unplugging the current computer of everything for our thin client to use.

Follow these steps.

1: Shut down your computer then unplug everything from your computer. Cables, flash drives, keyboard, mouse ethernet cable, power cable, ect.

2: Set aside old computer or place in drawer.

3: Make sure cables are easy to reach and keep them together. This will help plug everything into your thin client

Connecting the Thin Client

Note: Everything only goes in one way, the order does not matter.


Your thin client uses a small power adapter, this adapter needs a proper plug on it and that’s what the small piece is for. With the lump side up, slide in the piece like show in picture:


Next plug into wall and plug in small cable end to thin client. It only goes in one way


Plug in display adapter. This will either be for DVI, VGA. You may have both depending on your monitor setup. On the back of the Thin Client where the display port is (First image), there are numbers. Plug in your primary/main monitor into Number 1, and your secondary into 2.

Then take your DVI and VGA and fit them into the slots like so:

Two display ports connected, one DVI (White) the other VGA(Blue) note how the vga adapter is all the way in compared to the DVI, that is because the adapters are slightly different but it is correct.

White DVI below.

Blue VGA with its Adapter, same concept as the white one but showing more detail here.


Plugging in network cable. Your network cable, also known as ethernet cable, will look something like this and can be any color. Plug into the slot on the back of thin client like so:


4: Plug in keyboard and mouse into the back of the thin client. Note: Since they are USB, it can go technically into any USB slot, however, we recommend you plug them into the back of the thin client but if doesn’t work for you, do the front. You also do not need to use the keyboard and mouse given to you.

5:Plug in Speakers into the small headset icon on the front of the Thin Client

6: Plug in webcam into the USB ports that are available. Same for Headset that is USB.

Power On

CCDs: With everything plugged in and placed where you want it. Contact Shilo Acebedo-Moore by calling or email to let him know you are ready. He will provide additional instructions.

1: Press the power button on the top surface of the thin client and will boot.

Note: For first time setup. This will restart several times. You know the system is ready once you reach log in screen.

2: Once the Thin Client finishes updates, log in.

3: Confirm with Shilo that you are in and ready for group change.

4: Thin Client will restart due to group change and will return to log in screen once complete. Log back in.

5: Click anywhere in blank space of the desktop and go to “System Setup” -> “System Preferences” -> tab: “Time/Date”

6: Change time zone and enable daylight savings if needed. Once done click Ok.

Connecting To Virtual

Click on your persistent desktop called Win10RETR (Name subject to change in the future).

Ensure everything is working like normal once logged in. If you have issues please let I.T know either via ticket, email, or shouting Shilo’s name as he will hear you.

P.S written by Shilo