This article provides a solution for the issue of having shortcuts to applications that are hosted on Citrix, not installed locally on your computer, appear in your Start Menu.  This often creates confusion over which application to launch.  This article applies to work PCs, home PCs, and virtual PCs:

1 - Locate the Citrix Receiver icon in your system tray:

2 - Right-click on the Citrix Receiver icon and choose Advanced Preferences

3 - Click on the option called Shortcuts and Reconnect

4 - Uncheck the box under Start Menu Options called Show Applications in Start Menu:

5 - This will prompt you to restart you Citrix Receiver.  Save anything you might be working on that is open in Citrix Receiver, and then click Yes.  The restart should take only a few seconds, but you won't see anything different on your screen when it restarts.

And that's it!  You now will not have unintended shortcuts in your Start Menu, making it hard to know which version of Office Applications, etc., to launch.