Works with macOS Mojave 10.14.1. Need to test older versions.

Teamviewer Download Link:


1: Click "Download Teamviewer"

2: Once downloaded, run Teamviewer.dmg

3: Follow on screen instructions.

4: Once installed, a smaller window will open and "walk" you through the setup, however we can click skip and continue as its asking for unattended setup which we dont need to do.

5: Next is enabling accessibility for teamviewer. The steps pop up and you just need to follow them. If the steps disappear, all you need to do, is open System preferences, click on Security and Privacy, then click Accessibility, then click Privacy tab. Teamviewer should be listed there. Click the lock at the bottom of the Security and Privacy window, enter password, and then click the checkbox next to Teamviewer.

Pictures coming soon. Im very busy.