If you are having trouble with a projector in a Classroom, first go to the Control Panel on the wall located near the Podium.

Make sure the Power Button (PROJ) is on.  If the AV Mute button is RED, press it again so it the Projector is no longer muted and displays.

If the projector is on, but only displays the 'Park University' logo screen, press the PC Button (underneath the Power Button) to ensure that the correct source is selected.

    note: In most classrooms utilizing these Calypso Control Panels, the Video and HDMI source buttons are not connected to any source devices.  Pressing either of these source buttons will change the projector's input to a blank source.

Volume Up and Down Control the Master Volume of the speakers in the room.  This occurs AFTER the PC's internal volume control functions.  

    Example:  If the PC Volume is at 50% and the volume on the Control Panel is at 50%, the overall volume for the Sound System is 25%.  If the PC Volume is 100% and the Control Panel is 5%, the overall volume for the Sound System is 5%.

If you are still having trouble with the Projector, please call the Park ITS Help Desk at 816-584-6768 or 800-927-3024 and we will dispatch a Technician to your location.