Start your Avaya Softphone Application (Go to Start  ->  Avaya one-X Communicator  ->  Avaya one-X Communicator)

Click on “Setting” in the upper right hand corner

Within the “Telephony” tab:

Check box for “H.323”

Click on “OK”

Click on “Yes”

Reopen “Setting”

Within the “Telephony” Tab:

  • Uncheck “Enable Video Calls”
  • Click on “Add”
  • Type in “”
  • Click on “OK”

The window should like this. If it does, click “OK”

Reopen “Settings”

Click on “Messaging” tab:

  • Check box for “Enable Message Access”
  • Check box for “Dial this number” and type in 7000

Within the “Dialing Rules” tab:

  • Type in 816 for “City Code”

Within the “Audio” tab

You may need to adjust audio setting depending on what type audio device you use. 

 Click on “OK”

Choose how you want to place and receive calls by clicking on the dropdown window and selecting “This Computer” or Desk Phone.  Entering your 4 digit extension number and the password 1234

If you are logging in using the “This Computer” option you will get the error listed below so click on “Yes” to proceed.

This is the normal view when you login and it’s ready to use the softphone.