Park University partners with ProctorU for courses that require a proctored final exam. Your instructor is your first line of support for proctoring needs. For disability services and additional information, see Academic Policies: Online Proctoring Policy


Check your instructor’s course syllabus and the List of Proctored Courses to determine if your course requires you to set up a proctored exam through ProctorU.


Remote proctors will use your webcam to watch you while you take an exam, and your screen will also be recorded. ProctorU proctors will follow exam guidelines established by the professor. The professor has final determination over incidents of dishonesty.


  • Students must have access to:
  • a computer with a video camera
  • a microphone
  • a reliable internet connection


  • The exam should be taken in a quiet, well lit location, without anyone else present in the room/space.
  • Allow time for set-up and an authenticity check, you will need to show a valid photo ID. This helps ProctorU verify your identity and workspace.
  • The exam must be scheduled during the exam window dates and times indicated by your instructor. 
  • There is no charge for exams scheduled at least 72 hours before the day and time you plan on taking the exam. Exams scheduled within 72 hours of taking the exam will be charged a fee to be paid by credit card.


  • If exam is scheduled between 72 and 24 hours of taking it, there will be an $8.00 late registration fee
  • If exam is scheduled within 24 of taking it, there will be a $12.00 late registration fee


To Set Up Your Final Exam With ProctorU:

  1. Visit the ProctorU Resource Center
  2. Click on the ProctorU link in left-hand menu in your Canvas course’s home page and create an account. 
  3. From the dashboard select ‘Schedule New Session’
  4. Select your course’s exam
  5. Find and select your desired date/time


On the Day or Your Scheduled Exam


  1. Login to your ProctorU account. Click on the exam link within your Canvas classroom.
  2. Before you begin the session, the online exam proctor at ProctorU will authenticate your identity, be prepared with a form of government issued photo ID (such as your driver’s license, passport). Review links above for more information.


STUDENTS: For assistance with any issues related to online proctoring of your course contact: