Thank you so much for being so enthusiastic about your new virtual machine. There are a few things we need you to prepare before you login to your Citrix Virtual desktop.

Steps to complete in preparation for your new Persistent Virtual Desktop:

1 – Ensure that all necessary documents are stored in My Documents.

      How to Locate My Docs and Folder Redirection

2 – Locate and document/screenshot currently mapped network drives. (If you use them if not, skip this step)

      How to Locate Mapped Drives

3 – Save your browsers’ bookmarks

      How to Backup Browser Settings


*For extra details on steps 1-3 please check out this solution article:

      Pre-migration Check List

4 – For the first time logging into Citrix follow the steps found here: Installing and Using Citrix

    *To enable your Citrix icon in the lower left side of your Start Bar (pay special attention to Section D and Section E): 

     Citrix: Setting Up And Using For Employees

5 – Open Citrix Receiver and login to your virtual desktop.Click your name in the top right corner and then "Refresh Apps"(this will make sure your profile is updated to the latest virtual desktops available to you.). Click the Desktops located at the top of the window for Citrix Receiver and choose the desktop labeled "Win10RETR"


6 – After clicking your Persistent desktop, a new window should appear that logs you into the new virtual desktop. It will sign in automatically for you so if you are greeted at a Windows login that asks for username and password, do not type anything in until you reached the desktop. To setup your new virtual desktop, below are guides on how to setup your Outlook, map network drives, install network printers, ect.

      How to Setup Your Outlook Mailbox

      How to Map a Network Drive

      How To Install A Network Printer

      How to Backup Browser Settings (links also instruct you how to retrieve those backed up settings)

      How to Locate My Docs and Folder Redirection (confirm that your documents are showing up)

      (To obtain the CX 8.1 icon on your desktop, launch Citrix from within your Virtual desktop)

If you get stuck on any of these guides just let us know by calling the help desk at (800) 927-3024 or (816) 584-6768 or submitting a ticket here at

For any other program settings or installations, please contact Help Desk so that we can assist you.