1 – Document all shared drives previously mapped, mapped printers and any additional Outlook mailboxes/calendars.

This can be done by listing the items or by taking screenshots with either Snipping Tool or Snagit

Mapped Drives

Mapped Printers

Outlook Mailboxes/Calendars


2 – Confirm any documents you wish to access from your virtual machine are saved in your My Docs.

Locate the My Documents Folder and move necessary documents here.

3 – To backup browser settings/bookmarks use one of these methods:

Sign in to your browser – Chrome or Firefox

Backup your bookmarks to an .html file – Chrome or Firefox

4 – Document the software you use to perform your duties by either listing or taking a screenshot.

Please be specific here, most of what you list will likely already be on your new virtual machine. However, there may be certain programs we need to install and knowing this before you switch will ensure a more seamless transition.