Once Human Resources has approved a new hire, you will need to 

complete a form requesting system access for your new employee. 

Previously, you completed a paper form and submitted that to HR. 

This outdated form has been replaced with a web form that is clearer and more relevant.  

To access the web form; open a browser and navigate to MyPark.

Login using your Park credentials.

Once logged in, locate and select the 'Resources Tab' located along the top tool bar in MyPark.

When the Resources Tab opens up, select 'Information Technology Services'.

On the left hand side of the Information Technology Services page is a menu. 

Select 'Provisioning'

The form will open up blank except for the default selection of 

'Enter New' under 'What would you like to do?'

There are two options: Enter New or Update Existing. 

The first option is to request creation of a new account for a new person. 

The second option is to update system access for an existing user. 

The second option will remove the 'Employee Type' portion of the form.

Enter the employee's information as seen below; select Employee Type.

When you reach the 'System Access' portion, you will notice that checking a box 

will open a box asking for more information regarding that system.  

For CX, please note that it is also known at Jenzabar, CX 8.1 and Quickmate. 

All of these are different components of the same system. 

You may reference needed screens and/or printing access needed here.

For eProcess/Filenet, please indicate a person of similar access 

or particular job functions needed.

In regards to Shares/Mailboxes, you want to list the exact 

email address and share location when possible.

Under Equipment, you will find many options that may 

or may not be applicable to this employee. 

Please only select necessary equipment. 

Phone Access includes two more optional content boxes 

when you select either 'CIC' or 'Is a phone present?' 

Include as much relevant/accurate information as possible. 

Note: It is not necessary to include a request 

for access to an existing department phone or general office use phone.

Currently, Park employs Hobsons/Connect. 

Should this change in the future, this form will be updated. 

There is no need to request Apply Yourself unless directly advised to do so. 

Once you have filled out the form and included all the important information, please 'Submit'. 

This will create a ticket in FreshDesk with the Supervisor listed on the form as the Requestor. 

All communication will then proceed through FreshDesk. 

You should receive a confirmation email shortly after submitting the form.