To access the Attendance function of MyPark, follow the path shown below:

Log into MyPark> Faculty> Course Control> Attendance

Enter the Term of the class and the Course Code for the Class in the available drop down menus and hit the View Courses button. All of the classes you are teaching that Term will populate.

Once you have determined the Term and Course Code and the class you would like to take attendance for, use the "Go Directly To" drop down menu and select Attendance in the menu,

Once you have selected Attendance, a screen will appear confirming the Course Details, which include the name of the course, the faculty member teaching the class, when the class meets, the date range of the class, and what room the class is in.  This will help you keep track if you teach multiple classes.

Under this information is a box that informs you to select a meeting date and time for the class attendance you would like to take.  Also described is a default setting which sets the attendance for all students.  At this time this button is disabled and you MUST take attendance manually in the Attendance field.

Set to new date of attendance and hit the "Set to New Date" button for the day you want to enter attendance.

The Attendance screen will list the student's name, ID number, when they registered for the class, their major and the options for attendance, along with an area for comments on why the student was given the attendance mark they were given.  You may notice a small circle with a blue "i" next to some students names.  This indicates that the student has entered information about themselves, however this may not provide you with much information unless the student has filled it out.

Once you have completed attendance for the day chosen, hit the submit button at the bottom of the page to submit the attendance.

*Note: You will only see one day at a time, so if you are submitting your attendance at the end of the week you will need to repeat this last few steps multiple times.

After hitting the "Submit" button you should see a notice at the top of the screen indicating that your attendance has been successfully submitted.  This notice may take a minute to appear.