Updating your Firefox is easy and does not require Administrator permissions.  Depending on how long it was since your Firefox was last updated, you may need to repeat these instructions until Firefox says it is up to date.

Start by opening Firefox.

Next, go to the Options Menu (three lines) in the upper-right corner of Firefox, and click on Help.

Now, click on About Firefox.

A new box will pop up showing the version.  If the Firefox is out of date, you will see it automatically downloading and installing a newer version.  If it has already been downloaded, you will see a button saying to Restart Firefox to update it.  Press the Restart button.

When Firefox re-opens, go back to the Options Menu -> Help -> and About Firefox option to see if it now says Firefox is up to date.  If it is not yet running the most current version, you will see it downloading a newer version.  Keep using the Restart Firefox button to update it to a newer version until it says your Firefox is up to date.

If you need assistance, please contact the Help Desk by submitting a ticket.