This Article outlines the key benefits of using Crew and provides example posts and GIFs that demonstrate Crew’s core functionality. 

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More help can be had by reaching out to

You can log in to Crew at the website by entering your Park ID number and MyPark password.

Key benefits for Students? 

Crew is a new and exciting online community that connects you with peers, trainers, study coaches and support services at Park University.

Things you can do on Crew

  • Get connected with students across the entire college and ask them questions

  • Check out your subject groups to see who’s in your class and discuss coursework with them

  • Find other Park University students with mutual interests, backgrounds and skills

  • See other Park University students studying nearby you

  • Stay informed on upcoming events, information and announcements

  • Create study groups to work on assignments or coursework

  • Track your study-sessions to stay on top of your study goals

  • Follow support services for helpful tips, resources and direction

  • Buy & sell items in the student marketplace

We hope you enjoy Park University’s newest improvement to the student experience

Helpful walkthroughs and  communications 

Crew Overview

1. General overview of Crew

Have you logged into Crew yet?

Crew is Park University’s new digital campus that better connects you with peers, staff, student groups, college events and personalised updates so you never feel out of the loop.

Log in today and see what’s happening at Park! 


2. Crew mobile apps 

Have you downloaded the Crew iPhone or Android App?

Get the Crew app to stay connected with everyone at Park anywhere, anytime - it’s our very own digital campus! Click on the images below and download the app today!

Don’t worry Windows phone users - Crew is easy to use from a mobile browser too! 

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All Students Group 

1. Asking a general question 

Got a question that isn’t related to coursework?

Post it in the All Students group on Crew to get fast, crowdsourced support from peers and staff.

2. Student champions

If you haven’t already spotted one, keep an eye out for posts from Student Champions on Crew.

They’re here to provide student tips and resources to help you succeed at Park University!

3. Announcements 

Keep an eye out for important announcements pinned to the top of the All Students Group on Crew. 

Like this one! 

4. Polls/Student Feedback

From time to time you’ll see polls posted in the All Students group on Crew.

Help us learn more about you by voting on polls, just like this one:

Subject Groups 

1. Ask a coursework related question

Got a question about coursework or assignments?

Ask your classmates or teaching staff a question in your Subject Group. Or you can search previous posts to see if someone’s already answered your question. 

2. View classmates 

Met your classmates yet?

Check out your Subject Groups on Crew to see who else is taking your classes. 

3. Collaborate on mobile

We know  you like doing stuff on your mobile.

Now you can discuss coursework on your mobile with the Crew iPhone and Android App.

Download the app and go to the Subject Groups setup for your courses. Simple.

Don’t worry Windows phone users - Crew is easy to use from a mobile browser too! 

4. Ask questions anonymously 

Feeling a little nervous about asking your classmates or teacher a question?

Ask it anonymously on Crew.

Study Groups 

1. Create study group

Got a group assignment coming up?

Head to Crew and create a Study Group for collaborating with assignment partners.

Student Services 

1. General Student Services 

Student Services are here to support you.

Follow Student Services on Crew to connect with the latest information, resources and events helping you succeed at college.

Clubs & Societies 

1. Join Clubs & Societies 

Get involved in student life at Park!
Follow Clubs & Societies on Crew for the latest news and events from your favourite student organisations.

Mentor Groups 

1. Find a mentor 

Need help with coursework or university in general?
Browse the list of Mentor Groups on Crew to find a mentor that suits you.

Custom Groups

1.  Join Custom Groups 

Crew helps you connect on all things university-related.

Head to Custom Groups to find college groups that interest you now! If you can’t find the group you’re looking for, why not create it and let others join in!

Study Timer 

1. Track study sessions 

Did you know you can keep track of your study sessions? Head to Crew and use the Study Timer to record each time you start studying.

If you forget to record a session you can always add them manually.

Student News 

1. View student news 

Keep up-to-date with student news by visiting the Student News feed. There’ll be daily articles shared from different student news sources such as The Stylus. 



1. Selling an item 

Got a textbook or computer to sell? Looking for a bike or accommodation?
Post your unwanted items in the Marketplace on Crew where other students can enquire about your items and buy them from you.

2. Wanting an item 

If you’re looking for textbooks, laptops or any other item, why not post it in the marketplace and let others know you’re on the lookout!


1. Connect with peers 

Connect with peers at Park University to start building your academic community. Stay in touch with your peers and seek their advice, you never know, they may be working with you one day!


1. Instant messaging 

If you want to contact peers via a private channel, why not send them a private message!

As you’d expect, Ucroo will push you a notification when they write back.

Happening / Events 

1. Overview of Happening function 

Don’t miss upcoming events again! Check the Happening bar on Crew to see which of your connections are on campus (or nearby for those studying online) and what events are on at Park University today!


1. Finding peers and groups on Crew 

Click on the global search icon on Crew to find peers and college groups!

If you’re feeling fancy, you can use the advanced search to find peers that went to the same high school, worked for a desired company or have similar interests. 



1. Accessing support on Crew 

If you need technical support, you can contact support by clicking the ‘Help’ button on the bottom right of your page.