What is Lecture Capture?

Lecture Capture gives the instructor the ability to record their lecture and save it to either their desktop or a flash drive to reference later.  The name of the program used by Park University is called StreamCatcher.

Bring a flash drive with you so you have somewhere to store your footage. For best results, save your video to your desktop and then copy it to your flash drive.

Accessing Lecture Capture

To access Stream Catcher:

Hit the Start Button in the lower left corner of the screen

In the All Programs search bar type StreamCatcher

Select StreamCatcher from the menu to open the program

Checking Equipment Inputs


Review the inputs and settings before your class to ensure they are working properly.  

Select Settings to begin

The settings shown here are found in the Device Settings menu:

Video Source should be set to DVI-D

Audio Source should be set to Line-In

Hit OK once the settings are correct.

Naming Conventions

Naming your file:

The default name for the video file is $Y$M$D$h$m$s, which names the Year, Month, Day Hour, Minute, and Second as the name of your recording:

You can clear this field and rename the file to whatever you want the name to be:

When clearing the field to enter your own file name, you must put the cursor at the end of the default name and back space until the field is empty.  You cannot highlight the default name and delete it via that method.

Recording and Concluding Your Lecture


Before recording, ensure you know where the three preset buttons on the Extron panel aim in the room.  There are three camera buttons that control the aim of the camera, to the center of the room where the podium is, or to the right and left to where the display screens are located.   

The camera is located at the back of the room:

When the window for recording your lecture appears on the screen, you should be ready to record. A tool bar should show across the bottom of the window.  Press the red dot on the tool bar to begin recording your lecture.

While recording, there will be three indicators that your recording is successful.

The first is that the red dot will turn into a square

The Second is that the timer on the upper right hand of the window will begin timing your lecture capture

The border around the recording window will pulse red and white.

While Recording

While recording your lecture, you can minimize the window so that you can see other items on your screen. This will not stop the program from recording.  You can expand the video screen at any time.

While you are recording, avoid keeping your back to the microphones or sound may not be picked up as loudly as necessary

When Finished Recording

In the open recording window, press the square stop button on the lower left side of the window.

Close the program

Open the "My Records" File on the Podium Desktop

Move the Lecture Capture File from the Desk Top File to your flash drive

Put the desktop file in the podium computer's Recycle Bin.

Playing Back Your Lecture

When you're ready to playback your lecture, double click the video file icon, which will have a small white arrow in an orange circle in the lower right hand corner

 Once you click on your video, Windows Media Player will pop up and ask for your preferences. Choose "Recommended settings" in the window and hit the Finish button in the lower right hand corner.

You will also need to right click the audio icon in the tool tray and mute the StreamCatcher volume.  If you fail to do so you will hear an echo as turning on the program also turns on the in ceiling microphones.