The ELMO TT-12 document camera captures images and can zoom in on still images to present the finest of details.

The Elmo Document Camera provides the following features:

  • Projection functions which capture any image placed under the camera lens and projects it onto a screen.Thursday and Friday 
  • Built in Toolbox to enhance images or focus on a portion of the image being displayed, such as a pen function
  • Built-in Microphone that can record  up to 60 minutes of content
  • Zooms up to 12x with Auto Focus
  • Connects using a Mac or PC
  • Capture an Image like using a still camera 
  • Movable Joints to capture or display images at multiple angles
  • Optional Remote Control available on request

The full instruction manual can be found at: (Links to an external site.)

Before using the ELMO TT-12 Document Imaging Camera it is recommended that the user read the safety instruction located at the beginning of the manual provided at the link above.

Operating the ELMO TT-12 Document Camera

Powering on the ELMO

If the light around the power button is red, the ELMO is off.

  • Once the power button is pushed, the light around it will blink blue
  • Once the light around the power button is solid blue, the ELMO is on and ready for use
  • Be sure to power off the ELMO once you have finished using it.

Opening the Software that Accompanies the ELMO

Double click on the Image Mate icon located on the screen to open the program.

Once the program is open, multiple windows will open on the screen. The windows that populate should be the Remote Control, the LIVE Image Mate, and the Dashboard.

These tools are movable and can be shifted about the screen or minimized.

You can also request a physical ELMO remote control versus using the remote control that populates on the screen.

 To request the physical ELMO remote control, you must submit a technical support ticket.

ELMO Document Camera Tools

There are several tools available to enhance the usage of the ELMO Document Camera.

After opening the ImageMate software on the podium computer's desktop, multiple windows will open in addition to the image of the document under the camera. 

The first toolbox is the ELMO on screen Dashboard. The ImageMate Dashboard has several on screen functions for the user.

The LIVE image- Image Mate toolbox offers options while an image is being projected. 

ELMO On Board Control and Remote Control

*Note: the Computer Key is not applicable to our current classroom configurations and cannot be used. Always default to the ELMO button.

A physical remote control for the ELMO can be requested from Media Services at  

The physical remote control looks identical to the digital remote control, it simply allows the user not rely on the screen with a mouse when using the controls.