What is it?

Ad Astra is a reservation software program where you can reserve rooms, buildings, equipment and other amenities you may need to use throughout the year at the Parkville campus and the Downtown campus.

How can I get access the resource?

By going to astra.park.edu

Why would I want to use it?

To schedule a room on campus for a student group or event that requires pre planning and approval as well as requires university supplied resources.

Is there a quick start/basic use guide available?

Yes, there is a how-to manual under the Student tab on MyPark located here Ad Astra How to Guide. You must be logged into MyPark to access the how to guide.

How does the item make me more successful at Park?

Ad Astra gives the you the ability to gather in large groups and have the resources you need, you can branch out, participate in large group activities, plan events without the assistance of a staff member, and find new ways to socialize. You can be assured that you have a dedicated room at the time it’s required.

How does this item improve my student experience?

You are able to book rooms and equipment to aid you in group activities that are larger or have specific equipment you may need. This could include a building or large conference room for student activity groups, equipment such as tables and chairs, or any of the resources listed in the Ad Astra resource list.

Where can the I find support such as a phone number, email address, or physical address?

If you have issues using Ad Astra, you can email the Help Desk at helpdesk@park.edu or by calling 816-584-6768.

Is there a policy in place?

When using Ad Astra, you must fill in all required information including organization name, Park student ID number, email address, organization’s faculty or staff advisor, contact phone number and meeting name or else any issues that arise cannot be addressed.

There is a first come first serve policy in place for using Ad Astra, with the exception of not letting one group have any given space so often that it’s not equally available to other groups.

Is there additional or third party documentation available and where?

There is a student version of the Ad Astra program under the Student tab on MyPark.