What is it?

The small black boxes located in dorm rooms that allow the Time Warner Cable signal to be viewed on a television provided by the student. The boxes convert digital service to analog service to provide non HD TV for students. The DTA boxes offer basic cable and come with an associated remote control.

How can I access the resource?

There is a DTA box located in every dorm room. As long as you have a television and coax cable any TV can be connected to the DTA boxes. Some rooms may already have coax and HDMI cables in them.

Why would I want to use it?

The DTA box gives you the ability to view local or cable TV up to a certain amount of available channels. Not only can the DTA boxes offer you a chance to take a well needed study break, you can catch up on local news and follow things such as weather and other events that may affect campus in real time.

Is there a quick start/basic use guide available?

No, however the resident advisor for the dorms should have information on how to set up and use the DTA boxes as well as know what to do should something go wrong, such as signal loss or a lost or broken remote control.

How does the item make me more successful at Park?

A relaxed student is a healthier and happier student. Using a DTA box to watch your favorite shows, bond with other students, and simply relax provides you with this opportunity.

How does this item improve my student experience?

Park University aims to offer every technology possible to keep you both on track and keep living on campus as comfortable as possible.

Where can I find support such as a phone number, email address, or physical address?

The Resident Advisor in the dorm building is the first line of defense when there is something wrong with the DTA box and the accompanying remote. You should first report any issues to the resident Advisor and if the Resident Advisor cannot aid you, they will seek further help on your behalf.

Is there additional or third party documentation available and where?

If a DTA box has been turned off for an extended period of time, it may not turn on. If that occurs, you need to contact Time Warner and provide the unique serial number on the box to have the box reactivated.