After brooding over option settings and doing some googling, I think I figured out how to get rid of double sided printing. Double Sided printing for Ricoh is called Duplex, and it gives you options to do this double-sided printing view open left or top sides. Below are my screenshots and steps to resolving this issue or enabling double sided printing. Source posted below as well.

Step 1: Click your Start button in the bottom left hand corner. Then click "Devices and Printers"

Step 2: Select your printer you use by default by double clicking it.

Step 3: Double click "Adjust print options"

Step 4: In the Setup tab, locate "Duplex" that has a drop down menu. 

Step 5: Change to "Off" mode

That should do it! I haven't done my full testing of this but my source is from here using similar models and or ideals and it should only affect your computer and how it prints.: