If your Park Laptop freezes either before the Windows Login Screen or immediately after (and never gets to the Windows Desktop) try the following:

  1. Attempt to restart / turn off / turn on computer (press and hold the power button until it shuts off if necessary)
    • Did it Work?
      • Yes - Problem solved
      • No - Proceed to 2...
  2. Isolate the computer from the network:
    • Power the computer off 
    • Unplug network cable from the computer (make sure Wifi is off if its a laptop)
    • Power up the computer
    • Make sure you can login
    • Make sure the desktop or main screen comes up
    • Plug network cable back in
    • Verify Lync and Email are working fine
    • Did it work?
      • Yes - Problem solved
      • No - Open a ticket with the Help Desk or call the Help Desk so we can get a Technician assigned to get the computer fixed right away.