Zoom screen sharing allows you to share the desktop, window, application or audio/video. Zoom allows you to also send computer audio to the remote attendees when sharing a video or audio clip.

Note: This feature is not available on Windows XP, Linux, or ChromeOS

Here are the steps below to initiate a screen share with audio.

To initiate screen share Click on the green SHARE SCREEN button


A window will pop up with available options and windows you can share.  You can choose your general desktop (allows view of everything) or a specific/particular window (such as just a browser for YouTube or the program window for things like Word, powerpoint, etc.  Click your mouse on the window you want to share. 

If you plan on sharing something that may have audio, like a video clip, movie, or website. be sure to check the little checkbox in the bottom left hand corner of the share window, BEFORE hitting the blue share button on the right.  This will ensure that audio passes through the window you're sharing.   When you've made your selections, hit SHARE.  Your content will now be displayed and full screen by default to participants screens.

If you are wanting to share AUDIO ONLY through zoom,  On the share screen window in the top center where it says BASIC / ADVANCED,  click the option for advanced, then click on the selection for COMPUTER SOUND ONLY. then press the blue share button in