Zoom has a few plug-ins that integrate into the programs you use regularly and using this plug-in for Outlook will make it very convenient for you to setup a meeting.

Instructions listed is only intended for staff who are on the domain network (Park.edu). Otherwise you will not have Software Center, if that's the case then please skip to "Manual Install" portion of this guide and call Help Desk to assist in installing the plug in.

  1. Click your windows Start button (Looks like the windows logo).
  2. Type "Software Center" and click on the program.
  3. Once open, under "Available Software", click the box next to the software you want, in this case: Zoom Outlook Plugin
  4. Then click Install located in bottom right hand corner of the window. You can click on Installation Status to view progress. 
  5. Once successfully installed, restart Outlook and you will notice new Zoom icons you can click on to schedule a meeting.


  1. Click your windows Start button located in the bottom left of your screen (Looks like the windows logo). 
  2. Type "TeamViewer" and click TeamViewer 10 (But why? Because to install the program on a Park computer you need administrator privileges, which will require IT to type in for you.)
  3. Call Help Desk at (800) 927-3024 or (816) 584-6768. Then provide us with your Teamviewer ID and password
  4. Open up your web browser and navigate to: https://zoom.us/download
  5. Under "Zoom Client For Meetings" you should see "Zoom: Plug-In For Outlook" and click Download next to it.
  6. Click Run and then continually click next until it prompts for username and password in order to install.
  7. We will type in this for you and click Next.
  8. Restart Outlook. You will notice new Zoom icons that you can click on to schedule a meeting.