This document is to inform faculty on how to upload content to their web site on the Faculty web site.

Contact Academic Affairs to ensure you have a website or require them to set aside space for you.

You will need four things, but two are the same, which are <name>

Open up your installed FTP program (WinSCP will be used for example screenshots)

  • Choose New Site

Fill in the information, there are a couple of notes:

  • Switch the File Protocol to FTP
  • Make sure the encryption is TLS/SSL Explicit encryption
  • That the user name has teach-web01\ before the username

It should open up and enable you to click and drag your files from your local computer (left hand side) to the external web site

As files appear, you can view them on<name>/<file.html>  The first page loaded in a directory is index.html unless they go to a specific page.