This document is for Academic Affairs to create websites for faculty members.

  1. Go to
    • Note that it is HTTPS and the 8443
    • It will give a security notice, please click Advanced and proceed
  2. Log in with the username of FacultyAdmin and the password that is sent separate area  
  3. You should be in the administrative area, click on the show more
  4. While there are many options, you need to just click on the Web User Link
  5. Click on the Add New Web User
  6. Enter the user information.  We advise that you use first initial and last name, it will be a choice up to you.  Here is a sample for Sample Teacher
  7. Create a password, we advise you to use the Generate and Show button to make sure it is complexe enough, but if they want to give you another password or you want to chose your own password, you can.NOTE: This password does not link in with any other password for logging into Park and is unique
  8. Choose the amount of space to give for a faculty member.  While this can be of a variety amount, unless there is a special need.  [Ex. Massive video or picture storage] we recommend 75 MB.
  9. Choose any special programming features.  For simplicity we suggest just ASP.NET but an instructor may have special needs.
  10. Click okay and the web page should be created
  11. With a confirmation note on the next page
  12. Go to the page  <username that was chosen> and you should see the web page.  For this sample it is 
  13. It is now set up, you can now send instructions How to upload a webpage to your faculty web site, the username, and password to the instructor.