Welcome to the next "How To" for Zoom. In this tutorial, we show you how to setup a conference, share your audio and video, as well as show you how to share your screen. If you don't have Zoom yet, follow this link and follow the instructions on "Zoom: How To Get Started"

Make sure you have viewed this video on using Zoom as it answers most questions:

Zoom User Training Recording

For step by step instructions, see the following:

Starting Zoom

Double click "Start Zoom" on your desktop. If you followed our previous guide, you should have Zoom installed already. If you are not sure, you can click on your start button in the bottom left corner of your screen (Windows flag icon), then type in the word "Start Zoom". Note: If you got no results, then refer back to the "Zoom: How to Get Started" guide and get Zoom installed.

Getting Signed In 

Sign in/Join a meeting. If you don't have a Zoom account, then click join meeting and skip to "Interface and Navigation" portion of this guide

Home Dashboard Part 1

Once signed in, you have several options to choose from at your "Home" menu. Home gives you 5 quick start options to get started right away.

Start with Video: Starts a conference/meeting with your camera turned on and shared right away. This is the most common way to start a conference.

Start without Video: Starts a conference/meeting but you are not sharing your camera, only audio will be shared. Clicking on the Camera icon in the bottom left hand corner of the screen will enable video sharing.

Join: Join a meeting using Zoom ID or meeting link.

Schedule: Schedule a Zoom meeting with various options that are self explanatory.

Share screen: Share your screen with a hosted meeting. Generally don't need to use this option.

Home Dashboard Part 2

This section is focusing more on the tabs next to the Home tab. 

Meetings: Similar to "Schedule" in Home Dashboard Part 1. You can see a list of your meetings you have been invited too as well as ones you have created. This also includes your personal ID which can be used to invite others to your meeting.

Contacts: Add people and groups to your Zoom account so you can easily invite anyone to your meetings. Just click Add Contact or Add Group to get started. 

Chats: Here you can receive notifications as well as private messages to you.

Interface and Navigation

Zoom's controls and interface are easy to use and self explanatory. Here is a quick video on how to use the interface and what each button does.

(Video by Zoom Video Communications, Inc)