In order that your after hour calls are properly sent to your Queue's Voicemail, you will need to make sure you properly log out and exit of CIC (Interaction Desktop).  This also makes sure you are not accidentally receiving calls after you leave.

First, change your status from Available (or whatever your current status is) to Gone Home by clicking the Status Menu at the top and then clicking Gone Home.

If you have "Gone Home" set as a Status Favorite you can simply click the button for Gone Home from your Favorites List

Your Status should now show Gone Home.

Now click the File Menu in the upper left

Click Log Off

Click on the File Menu again and this time click Exit

This completely closes your CIC session so you cannot receive any calls while gone and assures all after hour calls are properly routed.

If you have any questions, concerns, or need any assistance, please click the Submit a New Ticket link above.