To log into CIC (Interaction Desktop), find the Interaction Desktop icon and double-click it.

You will get a log on prompt.  Make sure the check box for Use Windows Authentication is checked.  You should see your first initial and last name in the User field.  This will be not editable.  For server, make sure it says voice-cic-2.  Finally, make sure Remote Number is selected for Station Type and your phone's extension i(if you are working remotely using a personal phone, enter 1 then the ten digit phone number) n the Remote Number field.

Click the Log On button to begin CIC.

On occasion, the Telecom Administrators may have assigned you special Station Type should you need to take unattended calls away from the computer, if not you can disregard the remainder of this Solution Article.  In this case, you would choose Remote Station for Station Type, and your name should automatically populate the Workstation field (you should not have to type your name out).

If your name does not appear in the Workstation field when you select Remote Station as your Station Type, then you do not have a special Station Type and should use Remote Number as your Station Type.

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