To connect the grey Bosch WAP to a laptop or desktop computer with a USB Audio Adapter, first make sure the USB Audio Adapter is plugged into a USB port.  Then connect the smaller ends of your cords to the Mic/Line In & Speaker/Line Out jacks.  The picture below show the location of the jacks on the USB Adapter.  They are indicated by pink for Mic In, and green for Speaker Out.

Next, connect the larger ends of each cord to the grey Bosch WAP unit.  Pay close attention not to put the wrong cord in the wrong jack.  Most of the time, the Mic In on the computer will be on the left of the two jacks, which is the same way on the Bosch WAP.  Finally plug in the power cord to the Bosch WAP noting that it needs to be firmly pushed in.  If the power cord is not plugged all the way in, it will be loose and can be easily removed.

Once the power to the Bosch WAP is plugged in, the outer-most blue lights should begin to flash.  They will remain flashing until one or more of your microphone units are powered on.