To turn on your Bosch Mics, first make sure your grey Bosch WAP is powered on and connected to your computer.

First, press the right button on the Bosch Mic.  All lights will light up GREEN.

The light just on the gooseneck will then turn RED for a few seconds.  When all lights go out, you will see the screen on, and a picture of a face on the right button.  In this state, you are LISTENING, and your mic is MUTED.  When there are no red lights, the remote party cannot hear you.

To talk to the remote party, press the right button.  The lights on the buttons and gooseneck will now be RED.  Your mic is now LIVE (also known as "hot") and the remote party can hear what you say.

Troubleshooting tip:  If you have problems, first check the back of the mic and make sure there are no flashing lights.  Flashing lights generally mean the grey Bosch WAP is not powered on or locked up.  Unplug your grey Bosch WAP from the power source and then plug it back in verifying that the blue lights are coming on.