"Cannot Get Mail.  The connection to the server 'imap.gmail.com' failed."

"Cannot Send Mail.  The connection to the server 'imap.gmail.com' failed."


Verify you can get online.  Open Safari and go to www.google.com or www.apple.com.  If you can't get to those sites, you may have a connection issue.  Consult your phone operator or make sure you are connected to WiFi.



"The IMAP server 'gmail.com' is not responding.  Verify that you have entered the correct account info in Mail settings."


 Go to Settings, then to Mail, Contacts, Calendars, tap on Gmail and make sure the server is set to imap.gmail.com.



"The username or password for [account] is incorrect."


If you are a Student or Adjunct, make sure your username is your Park ID followed by "@park.edu".  (#######@park.edu)

Also, make sure you have entered your password correctly.  Remove it and enter it again.



Other things to try:


If you have additional email accounts set up in your Mail App, try those and see if they work.  If they don't, it may be a connection issue.


If the problem persists, try removing the Gmail account from your Mail App and re-enter it.  For assistance setting up your Gmail on your iOS device, see KB# 13246



2-Step Verification for Google Accounts


If you have 2-Step Verification set up for your Google account or Gmail, you will need to generate an App Password to use with your iOS Device.  Please click here or paste the following into your browser: