Some IT-Approved software can easily be installed from your own computer, and it requires no extra permissions or having to enter a new Work Order or Service Request.  And best of all, it's easy.  The catch is you must be using a Park-issued computer, and you must be on the Park network either by being on campus or by using VPN.


If you need software installed, check to see if it's available in the System Center.  If it's there, you don't need special permissions or access to install it.  Here's how...



1. Go to your Start Menu and either

  • Search for "Software Center"


  • Navigate through Programs to Microsoft System Center, then click on "Software Center"


2.  When Software Center opens, select the software you want to install by clicking the checkbox next to it.


3.  Click the Install button in the bottom right.




Wait for the software to install.  You can check the status of the installation by clicking the Installation Status Tab at the top of the page.


If you don't see the software you desire in the list, it may not be available by Free-Distribution so submit a Work Order or Service Request and we'll have a Technician install it for you.